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In this age of technology and state-of-the-art communication, we are given the choice of working from anywhere at any time. CasakalĂș is a hub of experienced designers all working under the same virtual roof. Our graphic designers, web designers, CAD drafters and product designers live mainly in Texas but our clients are scattered all over the planet.




Design is a physical manifestation of a message. Our mission as designers is to use drawings, photographs, typography and computer-generated images to represent the message our clients want to communicate. Whether it's through a website, a magazine ad, product packaging or a billboard, we at CasakalĂș are prepared to make your message come to life.

 The goal at CasakalĂș is to provide graphic design, web design and product design services while providing excellent customer service and quick turnaround. It is our intention to listen carefully to your needs and provide design solutions that communicate the message you want to convey.


We are not only creative, but reliable! Yes, we have two sides to our brains and we like to use them both. It is what keeps our clients coming back to us time and time again.


Our team expands and contracts with every project that comes our way. It keeps our overhead costs low, saving our clients money.

These talented individuals are regulars at Casakalu Design House.

Adriana Wallace

Thiago Motta

Bobbie Gaudette

Curious and highly resourceful, there is no challenge too big for Adriana! Her passion and "say-yes-to-everything" attitude have led her down some interesting paths; from working on a TV show to running production at a print shop, Adriana has dabbled at this and that. She graduated with an BFA in Interior Design but not after completing her Associates Degree in Biology. Born in Venezuela and raised in South Florida, she is fluent in English and Spanish. Adriana Mumaw, recently became Adriana Wallace after marrying her first love, Mark. They reside in North Texas with their son Nicholas and their French Bulldog, Floyd. Adriana enjoys working on print projects the most, but has a secret desire to one day design furniture.


Thiago started working with advertising at his college Experimental Advertising Agency, in 2007. Since then he never stopped working, studying and developing his ideas and concepts. He worked with many agencies in his home country, Brazil, where he believes is the land of one of the most creative people in the world. In 2012 he got his masters in Photography and moved to Texas, where he now resides. Thiago's passion lies in branding and has completed logo designs for numerous clients.

Bobbie discovered her passion for development while working at a financial institution. While working on the same floor as the IT department, she soon discovered the world of HTML. From that day forward, her lunches were spent mentoring with IT and the Marketing Department of the company. She quickly realized this is what she absolutely LOVED doing. With her boss' blessing, she interviewed for a position where she was able to use her growing knowledge of HTML and CSS, and it is what she now does best. Bobbie and her husband recently started a family and have a beautiful baby girl.

Martha Aceves

Anna Price

Michelle Scruggs

Bilingual Designer

Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Designer

Martha is a creative Visual Designer with interactive experience, a strong medical and design background and an understanding of clinical education. From concept to design, Martha produces marketing collateral that may include drawings, video, print, online media, promotional campaigns, social media and web design. Her passion is the healthcare industry and has worn many hats in this industry for 20 years, including Orthodontist, Dentist, Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Instructional Designer, Medical Photographer and Video Editor.

Anna is currently a Junior in the Communication Design program at the University of North Texas and is also pursuing a minor in marketing. She is loving every minute of it, but is also looking forward to what her future design career holds.

An artist by heart, Anna spends her free time sketching anything and everything, and uses her drawing skills often on design projects. Anna's future goals are simple; to continue to create and design as long as the Lord calls her to do so. In ten years, she sees herself living somewhere with a cooler climate, as well as trying to make the world a better place with design.



Michelle Scruggs has over ten years of advertising and publishing experience. From Texas, to Denver, to Philadelphia, and back to Texas, her expertise ranges from publication design to production/traffic. Her strong design eye and obsession with getting it exactly right allows her clients to reach their full potential. She describes her design style as clean and sophisticated, and believes typography can make or break a graphic layout. Michelle is highly competitive and finds the world of advertising and marketing to suit her personality just fine.


Founder, Art Director, Drafter

Designer, Photographer

Web Developer/Graphic Designer


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